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"Carl Smith described the chain saw as "the most dangerous hand tool that can be purchased on the open market." Every year over 165,000 people are injured while using chain saws in the U.S. Chain saws are relatively common and may seem simple to use, but using a chain saw, clearing brush, and felling trees are operations that require training and proper safety precautions. Logging is among the most dangerous professions, and if it is dangerous for professionals, amateurs should consider carefully their need for training before buying and using a chain saw.

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In fact, "purchasing a chain saw" should imply purchasing a saw with modern safety features and appropriate personal protective equipment. At a minimum, this equipment should include: eye protection, head protection, hearing protection, correct gloves, and chaps. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 80% of injuries due directly to chain saws affect the hands and legs. One-handed use, overly aggressive cutting, lack of knowledge and experience, and fatigue cause many injuries."

The importance of Chain Saw safety can not be underestimated, and before using a Chain Saw one needs to understand how to use one safely to avoid unnecessary accidents. Carl Smith's training program and book can help aid in acquiring this information and skills to avoid incidents such as those listed below.

These examples are a fraction of the incidents that take place due to a lack of knowledge in Chain Saw safety and ways to minimize accidents.

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