Chainsaw Safety

Chain Saw Safety Tips

“Basic Rules”

This is not a complete list.  There are many more and you are hereby charged to add to this list as you do more reading and gain more experience.

1)  Never work alone.  Also make sure that someone knows where you are working and when you are expected to return.

2) Do not operate a chain saw while standing on a ladder.

3) Never “Air Drop-Start” a chain saw.

Never park your vehicle directly below where you are working, no matter the distance.

4) Do not operate a chain saw with the Power Head above shoulder height.

5) Beware of high, gusty or changing winds and lightning.

6) Use ALL Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

7) Do not Fall anything within 2 ½ tree lengths of people, animals, structures, power lines or any equipment.

Never park your vehicle directly below where you are working, no matter the distance.

8) Use all necessary additional tools and supplies.

9) Never fall a tree larger than 5” in diameter without a “face”.

10) Do not fall, limb, buck or bore a tree/log without first “Sizing Up” the situation (What will happen if…”).

11) Do not use a chain saw with an insecure stance or footing.

12) Always use the proper sized chain saw, bar and chain for the job.

13) Always use a chain saw with both thumbs wrapped around both the handle bar and the pistol grip.

14) Never ever use a chain saw with only one hand.

15) Do not use a chain saw whose chain is turning while the engine is at an idle.

16) Do not walk any distance with a running chain saw and the chain brake is not engaged.

17) Never ever use alcohol or drugs before or while operating a chain saw.

18) Never disregard proper and safe falling, limbing, bucking or boring techniques.

19) Do not turn your back or take your eyes off of a hung up tree or while escaping from a falling tree.

20) Never limb or buck a log while standing on the downhill side of a log.

21) Never remove any of the safety features built into your saw.

22) Always use proper falling and bucking wedges.

23) Never use a chain saw with the fire screen removed.

24) Never try to adjust the carburetor unless you know what you are doing.

25) Never start your chain saw closer than 10’ from where you filled the gas tank.

26) Never leave a tree partially cut and still standing.

27) Never leave a “Hung Up” tree.

28) Always warn people that the tree you are working on is about to fall.  The word “Timber” is, once again, for the movies only.

29) Never believe that the “Macho” attitude can get you through any situation.

30) Never work when you are fatigued.  You must be mentally and physically able to complete the job. 

31) You must have the knowledge to complete the job properly and safely.  Know your limitations.  If something is beyond your capabilities, don’t do it!!!

32) Know and plan for “Kickback” situations at all times, from your chain saw and from whatever you may be cutting.

33) Remember that cut off logs or rounds will roll.

34) Cut off “Root Wads” can stand back up or roll in uncertain directions when released from the upper segment of the downed tree.

35) “Widow Makers” or broken branches and tops can and will fall on you at unexpected times.

36) The vibration set up by “sounding” a live or dead tree with an axe or even from a turning chain saw chain can cause a “Widow Maker” or even the entire tree to fall on you.

37) Always cut dead snags while in the standing position.  Do not squat down or bend over while cutting them.

38) Never ever cut the “holding wood” completely through.

39) Always return home in good health and uninjured.

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